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The final paper is a comprehensive review of a specific population group that ha

by | Jun 25, 2022 | Health Care and Life Sciences : Nursing | 0 comments

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The final paper is a comprehensive review of a specific population group that has a specific health problem. It includes a needs assessment, data, evidence-based interventions, measurable goals and outcomes, collaboration with a care service agency/organization, and the role of the nurse as an advocate and change agent.
Write the paper in APA format 7th edition. Use level one headings (upper/lowercase, bold font, centered), A minimum of 8 resources is required, including 5 scholarly references (from peer-reviewed journals). A course text may be included. For web sources be sure to use sources that end in .edu, .gov, or .org. Web sources from .com sites are not acceptable, including Wikipedia, WebMD, etc.
Introduction to the project/paper
Begin the paper with an introduction of the identified needs of the community and specific patient population. Based on your assessment and research findings, state the facts, statistics, and urgency to provide care and interventions to this population. The last sentence of the introductory paragraph should be your purpose statement. (The purpose of this paper is…………). Include all parts of the paper you will cover.
Identification of Target Population and Needs Assessment
What health issue, problem, social determinant, or disparity in health outcomes is of concern to you as a new nurse and care provider in a community? What gaps in knowledge and care do you see as a possible cause for the health issue? What does the health data and literature tell you about the health issue? Include a description of the social determinants that are contributing factors.
From your Community Health Assessment assignment (RN 406) you may have noted the needs of a particular population through observation, data collection, and new knowledge.
Evidence-Based Interventions Goals with Measurable Outcomes
What evidence is there to support your proposed interventions? What type of change is expected? (behavior, financial, support systems, etc).  What is one avenue you could advocate for improved health outcomes and know when a change has taken place?  Describe 3 evidence-based interventions from a source such as Healthy People 2030.  Identify at least 3 measurable goals for the patient/population that are SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound). Identify any obstacles or barriers to assisting the patient/population to achieve the goals in your discussion. These would include the social determinants of health—economic, education, physical environment, etc.
Collaboration/Partnerships and Care Coordination with Safety-net Community Agencies/Service Organizations
Discuss the collaboration and partnership the nurse will seek for assisting the client/population over the long term. There may exist gaps in care and these may be addressed in part by referral to the service organization once the nurses’ role and care is complete. Care coordination is an integral part of the continuum of care. Identify the agency/organization and briefly describe their services to this specific patient/population. This may be a local, state, or national profit or non-profit organization that provides services to the identified health issue and patient/population. An example might be a hospice, Senior Center, Head Start Center, shelters, meal services, American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, American Lung Association, Alzheimers Assoc etc. Briefly include the services they provide, the  number of persons served and how the organization/agency is funded.
The Nurse Role as Advocate and Change Agent What can you do to make a change in your community as an advocate or change agent? Describe the Role of the nurse as advocate and change agent for the population as a whole including 3 prevention measures that are evidence-based.
Finish the paper with a summary of points covered and insight gained from the final paper.
Please include 8 scholarly sources.

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