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Final Recommendation Report     Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a te

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Final Recommendation Report
    Due Friday by 11:59pm Points 100 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload
    Chapter 8: Communicating Persuasively
    Chapter 14: Corresponding in Print and Online
    Chapter 18: Writing Recommendation Reports
Since the Research Project is a condensed project spanning a limited amount of time, you will not be required to write a formal recommendation report. Instead, you will be writing an abbreviated version in the form of a recommendation memo. You will notice that much of the content discussed in Chapter 18 is included in this memo.
This week should also be used to read Chapter 8, which discusses communicating persuasively. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your project, make sure to contact your instructor.
Now, let’s take a look at the required content of the recommendation memo.
Recommendation Memo
A recommendation report is very similar to a completion report. A completion report is, quite simply, the report one writes at the end of a project. That said, there are many, many different types of and approaches to memo and report writing, but they all share certain categories of information. All completion reports, whether they are for the private, corporate sector or for academic and research-oriented audiences, have the same purposes.
Those purposes are…
    To define or address a professional problem that goes beyond the scope of the mundane and everyday. You are not proposing a solution to replacing the printer paper or reminding coworkers to wipe of the white boards in the conference room. Instead, you are addressing an issue of some magnitude and that requires a thoughtful solution. The problem will have been defined ahead of time—just as you did in your research proposal—and now you have a reached the moment to share your findings and report back on what you’ve discovered.
2. To explain what work was done to solve or address the problem.
3. To conclude what the work means.
4. To make recommendations for future work, if necessary.
Content Overview for the Unit 4 Recommendation Memo
Let’s take a look at the required content for your recommendation memo. You’ll see that there is some overlap between the sort of content included in your research proposal and this recommendation memo. Please note that the main question(s) each section answers have been identified. In some cases, you may find yourself drawing information and text directly from your proposal, particularly since some elements may not have changed since that document was drafted.
What is the purpose of this piece of communication?
What content is included in the memo? The summary covers the major elements of the recommendation memo, but is brief. Again, remember that the summary is an extremely important element of the memo as it might be the only content reviewed by your readers in their initial review of your memo.
What problem or problems did the proposed project address? You can recycle some of the content from your proposal’s introduction in this section, but it should be revised and polished content.
Research Methods
What work was done? How was it done? What exact steps were completed and what was the rationale for each step? This section is written to show the reviewer that you adhered to the plan of work you presented in your proposal.  Look back at the example proposal in your book. Now take a look at the example recommendation report for that same research project. Notice how the authors have used the same task organization as in their proposal to organize the content in their recommendation report. You will also use the same task organization in your recommendation memo in order to review the work you completed for your Unit 3 research project.
What did you find out? What did you learn? This section should provide a thorough discussion of the results of your primary and secondary research. Again, take a look at the sample recommendation report’s results section. Notice how the task organization is used again here. Feel free to include a Limitations of the Study section between your results and conclusions sections. This section can be helpful if your study encountered issues that might limit your recommendations. 
What do your results mean? This section should talk about the information that the researcher has collected and what it means–what are the relationships among pieces of information? Are there trends? Do anomalies seem to exist? What seems wrong or different from what was expected? In essence this section answers the questions- What did you do to research this issue and what does that mean? You must draw conclusions based on the data you collected. The section reveals what the work means and why it is important.
Recommendation: What recommendations can you offer based on your conclusions? You might expand upon your recommendations by explaining how the recommendations you make might be implemented. It focuses the special attention of the reader on what might happen in the future.
Works Cited/References: This is simply a bibliographic list of all the primary and/or secondary sources that you may have cited in the memo.

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