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Due to the COVID 19 situation, some galleries might not be open at the time this

by | Jul 27, 2022 | English | 0 comments

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Due to the COVID 19 situation, some galleries might not be open at the time this assignment is due, Also, you might not feel comfortable venturing out to a gallery. Due to the current situation, I am giving you the option of going to a virtual gallery for this assignment.
Below are a few links of museums that you might find interesting. There are lots and lots of virtual shows online, and I encourage you to find something that appeals to you. Check out these links to start with:
Museum of Modern Art
The Guggenheim Museum
Los Angeles County Museum /
There are many other links, it can be fun to explore them. Remember, It is important that you go to an Art Gallery, or an Art Museum, and not an historic museum. The difference is that an Art museum has Art as the focus. Please email me if you are not sure if the museum that you have selected is an Art museum or not.
This is a 1500 word paper. If you write less than 1500 words you will get a very low grade.
This is like an article that you might write for a magazine about an exhibition. Make sure that you explain where the exhibition is, and when you visited. Make this interesting, explain whether you liked the exhibition or not. Write about why you liked or did not like the show. Don’t be afraid to use your real opinions, a bad show can make an interesting paper.
The paper has to be written about the work of professional artists from an art gallery or an art museum. You will be writing about two art Works.
This paper also has to be about a current show or exhibition, not one from the past.
Start with an overview of the exhibition. Did the arrangement or choice of artworks contribute to your understanding of the exhibition? Did the exhibition have a theme, and did it work? Would you recommend the exhibition? If not, why not?
Describe a minimum of two artworks in detail, using your textbook or other references as needed to explain the medium, style, etc. Remember to cite all sources, whether you have used direct quotes or not. You may use information provided by the gallery, but you must cite this as well, even personal interviews with the artist.
Form an opinion on each work. Did you like the work? Or hate it? How was the presentation? Did you learn anything? Did it remind you of anything, or make you have certain feelings?
Some of this information will be objective (information that you can research), and some will be subjective (your opinions).
1. Knowledge about the artist and artwork. The gallery or museum may be able to provide you with this information. Do not be afraid to ask questions! You will probably want to use outside information, such as your textbook, as well. Explain what mediums and methods were used to create the works. You may discuss design and style as well as other relevant information, such as the function of a craft object or the symbolism of a painting.
2. Your emotional reaction. Is it calm, energetic, angry, happy, dark, or light, uplifting, humorous etc. Describe whether or not you like the work and why. Explain what it means to you. Try to understand if this is what the artist was intending. Do you think the work was successful or not? There are no right or wrong answers, just well thought out or poorly examined answers.
3. Grammar and spelling. Please use spell check! It will catch most of the possible errors, but not all. I suggest you read your paper out loud to see how it sounds and to catch any errors you might have overlooked.
Then can you name a random date that you “went” & mention the name of the art gallery

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